LED Bar Grow Light, Full Spectrum, IP65


LED Bar Grow Light, Full Spectrum, IP65
– 65W LED and LED Driver ( Included )
Dimmable Fitting Using 10 Volt Potentiometer – Dims fitting from 65 watt down to 20 watt
Material: Die Cast Aluminium and High Light Transmission Lens
LED Quantity: 72 Pieces 3030 SMD
Lumen: 50-60 LM/W
Beam Angle: 90 degrees
Full Spectrum of Ratio: 620-630nm/650-670nm/730-750nm /390-410nm/430-450nm/460-470nm
Par Value (PPFD): 236umol@0.3M, 89umol@0.5M 65umol@1.0M, 43umol@1.5M
Lighting Coverage: 0.3M@1.8m2, 0.5M@3.7m2, 1.0M@5.6m2, 1.5M@7.5m2
Length: 1200mm
Width: 54mm
Height: 23mm

Multiple fittings can easily be linked to create the desired light output for small or large scale growing.
This fitting can be used for any plant once adjusted to that specific plants light/growth requirements.


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